31st May of Resistance (2000)
Mixed media (photography on transparent film, plexiglass, nylon)
21 x 29,7 cm

This work has been produced with the invitation for a participation to the exhibition “Resistance” at Yıldız Technical Unversity.
The artist, in the year 1989, participates protests on 1st May at Yıldız Technical University although she is being educated in another University and she is beaten with a nightstick by the police. Luckly, her photo is published on the daily press. In her poster work Thirty1 May of Resistance, the girl on the right is the artist. In the same year, She is put under surveillance infront of the Yıldız Techncal University since she supports a student protest.

When The artist receives an invitation for the exhibition ‘Resistance’, she immediately accepts to be a participant. She will enter the gate as an artist which she could not as a student. The opening which is held on 31st of May is also the artists’ 30th birtday. Ironically, the artist selects images from press. The images belong to the 1st of May Protests within thirty years. As the artist is responsible for making the posters of the exhibition, she makes a colage of the images in order to show that nothing has had changed in thirty years’ protests. The posters in A3 format are all hanged on the walls of the university as a part of the exhibition. But the process of the work has not ended. The posters are all torn down by the managers, cleaners and he right-wing students although they are told that the posters are a part of the exhibition that will take  place in their University. Hence there is nothing left to do. The artist decreases the size of the posters into A4 Format and uses the stamp sticking way to install her ruined work. She uses all the leftovers of the posters as stamps and sticks on everywall of the University. By behaving so, the artist and her work is claimed to be illegal again.