Lustbook II (2015)
Bahname II
Painting series, 5 pages
I nk, gold on special paper
34,5 x 49, 5 cm (each)

Bahname No:1, 2

No 1:

Lay down the lover towards the right and extend her legs; let the man mount the woman and hold her from below with one hand and from above with the other hand and while caressing her belly and loins, place the male organ into her adorned vulva and let them both reach orgasm by moving the male organ all around the vulva. This is called “rikku’l tuhaf (strange love making)”

No 2:

The lover lies on her back and pulls her legs toward her breasts while the man positions himself between her legs resting himself on her feet. The man should not let his weight fall on the woman’s belly. He should immediately embrace the woman and kiss her, demonstrating a perfect level of ambition and happiness, capturing the woman’s tongue, biting her lips and accompanied with lustful nasal and guttural sounds, inserting his manhood into the woman’s vulva. As the head of the male organ appears as it comes out of the vulva, he should withdraw it and insert it again. When he ejaculates through these motions, he should not stop these movements and embraces until he climaxes with an unworldly joy and out of this world lust. This kind of sexual intercourse is called “niyku’l ade”, meaning, “usual/customary intercourse”.


Bahname No: 3, 4

No: 3

The lover lies face down and extends her legs. The man sits on the lover’s legs and when his lust is at its pinnacle he immediately inserts his organ into the female sexual organ. This is called “rahatü’s-südür (intercourse affording good visibility)”.


No: 4

The lover is on her knees with her face placed on the pillow, that is, with her hips raised. The man pulls her buttocks towards himself and inserts his organ. The lover raises her head from the pillow and emits nasal and guttural sounds of lust with joy while both the man and the woman are ecstatic. At this time, just when ejaculation is imminent, the man pulls out his organ, wipes it clean and inserts it once more into the adorned sexual organ of the woman. They are ecstatic with pleasure. This is called “ferahu’l l-afiye (euphoria of orgasm)’.

Bahname No: 5, 6

No: 5

The lover lies down on her back with her hand under her head and pulls back her legs all the way up to her breasts almost taking a curled up position. While the man embraces his lover, leaning against her breasts with his breast and pressing his organ against the woman’s vulva, inserting it ever so slowly into the womb. As the lover keeps raising her vulva upwards, the man pulls the woman towards himself and as his male organ is thoroughly inserted in the vulva he keeps pounding his organ in and out of his lover’s vulva making a slapping, pounding sound as he does so. Through these movements both the man and the woman reach orgasm and get immense pleasure. This is called “tıyyu’l-musaddi (corresponding impact)”.


No: 6

The lover bends down and holds her toes while the man with full of lust enters her. This is called “sünbül-i inan (managing the beautiful hair)”.

Bahname No:. 7, 8

No: 7

The man sits on the mattress and raises his left knee while resting his right knee on the mattress. And the lover also sits down, raising her right knee. Meanwhile the man holds the lover from her good side and pulls her to himself and having his manhood filled with lust, enters it into the beautiful location with love. The lover, meanwhile, releases nasal sounds of lust, uttering words of lust such as, “Ooh, aah, mercy, you ruthless cruel man…”and both of them reach orgasm. This is called “nyku’l uruc (intercourse of the physically handicapped)”.

No: 8

The lover is on all fours, as it were, and rests her elbow on the pillow and sings in the style of a war song while playing the tambourine as she raises her buttocks. Meanwhile the man takes in his hand a cymbal like percussion instrument, singing in the style of a wedding, gets behind the woman and while the two keep moving to and fro in synchronised harmony, they climax. Through such movements the lover conquers the man’s heart and they never give up enjoying ecstatic pleasure. This is called “mismaru’l guvve (strong nail)”.

Bahname No:. 9, 10

No: 9

The lover stands up and leans against the wall with her breasts against the wall while the man slowly reaches from behind, lifts up her skirt, unties the cords of her baggy pants and when curves of her legs show, he holds her waist and immediately inserts his manhood into the beautiful place and they enjoy themselves. This is called “niyku’l acele (quickie)”.


No: 10

While the lover is standing erect, the man sits, extends his legs and gets his organ up with great lust. The lover positions herself just opposite him and lets him insert his organ in her beautiful place. She puts her feet in front and their mouths meet. The lover does not stop moving due to the great pleasure she is having and they climax together. This is called “niyku’l jinn (the intercourse of the jinn)”.