video animation

Duration: 60"

year: 2014

Delusion is a love story which begins with the strange confession of love by a man who, for various reasons is reluctant to open his heart to the woman he loves; a love story which ends with madness. It is the manifestation of solitute of isolation in the modern world. Alondside this obsessive love story we also have a personal story in which love and madness become confused, in which love and hate paralyze one another.

The female protagonist of the film creates the man in her mind; he is the woman herself, actually he is her shadow.The woman is like the character in Ursula K. Le. Guin's article "The Child and the Shadow";learned, polite, idealist, and desent. Whereas the shadow is everthing that is repressed in the process of becoming of decent, civilized adult, the shadow is woman's inhibited selfishness, her unconfessed desires; the swear words she never uttered, the murders she never committed. The shadow is the dark side of her fears, her disbeliefs; it is her best friend and her worst enemy.