The Waq Waq Tree (2010)
VakVak Ağacı
Video animation

Taking it s name from the  legendery tree that grows in hell and has human heads as fruits, according to islamic mitoglogy, "The Waq Waq Tree" has also given its name to important historical event. In 1656, in an attempt to quel a internal uprising many Janissary soldiers were garroted from mighty maple tree in Sultanahmet, this tree has been called " The Waq Waq Tree" and the incident in which people have have been hung from this tree has been named "vaka-i vakvakiye" (the incident of fear).

The narrative that Şenol constructs in her video begins with the story of this tree and the Janisary incident in the Ottoman times leading to military strikes in up to recent history beyond this narrative story the video could be said to embrace a documentary style.